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Monday, July 1, 2013

Age of Wushu, Four Experts (Random Encounter Quest)

Hello everybody, the guildies and I did the Four Experts Random Encounter Quest and we decided to make a walk through for it just for all of you!

(PART 1):  Yang Sanshi is one of the easiest to find and to get to, he is in Suzhou. This part requires Step On High Ladder, without this flight skill, you cannot complete this part of the mission, in fact, I wouldn't attempt any of this mission without it at all.

Yang Sanshi
Suzhou (814, 114)

Simply find the large tower and run up it Yang Sanshi will be lounging on the roof waiting for you.


(PART 2): Shan Tao, this guy is easy once you know what you are doing, this requires Whirlwind Step, Jump Across Clouds, and Step On High Ladder! Also be prepared to use the beloved Flight Glitch!

From This Location You'll Be Able To See A Space In The Mountain!

Space Location (791, 868)

Once Entered Into Space To The Right Is A Wall You Run Up! (With Step On High Ladder)


Once you reach the top!

Stand on the part of the rock behind my character! Where its pointed up like that!

Move to the right, be careful, take a leap of feith into the bushes to the right of you!
(With Jump Across Clouds!!!)


You'll End Up Here And You Should Be Able To See Shan Tao Above You!

Now to reach him you must use the jump glitch! The jump glitch works by simply jumping as high as you can and then use an attack or your parry (attack with green around it) to reset your jump so you can jump again MID AIR! So to reach him you need full flight energy and to jump as high as you can, use the fastest attack you have and then jump again and keep doing so until high enough to do Jump Across Clouds towards him. Then you are done!


(PART 3): Ruan Kang, he is easy, you just have to glitch jump all the way up the mountain and you'll hits spots where your character can stand on the moutain without sliding down.

Suzhou (1847, 503)

Climbing Up The Mountain


(PART 4): Qin Xiaoke, he's nice to deal with, not much of anything needs to be done here, just make sure you start climbing the mountain on the right side of the row of mountains and work your way over from the mountain tops!

Suzhou (1463, 1388)

Qin Xiaoke


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